Art garfunkel Net Worth, Biography, Age, Height, Wife, Wiki

Art garfunkel Net Worth, Biography

All You Need to Know About Art Garfunkel’s Biography

If you know the name, Art Garfunkel, you probably think of the duo of Simon & Garfunkel that record iconic music in the 1960s and 70s. But there is much more to learn about the iconic singer and songwriter than just his brief partnership with Paul Simon.

Born in 1941, Art Garfunkel has enjoyed a successful and long-lasting solo career that includes several hit albums, chart-topping singles, and collaborations with some of the greatest musicians of all time. An accomplished actor and television host as well, Garfunkel also has a decorated history as an educator and philanthropist. Here, we’ll dig into Art Garfunkel’s incredible biography—from his childhood to today—and learn what drove him to become one of the most beloved vocalists in popular music history.

Art Garfunkel Name, Nickname, Profession,  Birth, and Age Information

Name Arthur Ira Garfunkel
Nickname Unknown
Profession Singer, actor, poet, teacher, street artist
Birth Date November 5, 1941
Age 81 Years

Introduction to Art Garfunkel’s Life and Career

Art Garfunkel is a famous singer, actor, and poet whose prolific career spans more than five decades. Along with Paul Simon, Garfunkel formed the iconic musical duo Simon & Garfunkel in 1964, and went on to release several platinum-selling albums such as “The Graduate” and “Bridge Over Troubled Water”.

Garfunkel has also had a successful solo career, releasing the critically acclaimed album “Angel Clare” in 1973, as well as other chart-topping albums such as “Breakaway” and “Fate for Breakfast”. He has also appeared in several films and TV shows over the years.

All in all, there’s no doubt that Art Garfunkel is an iconic performer who has influenced generations of music fans around the world. In this article, we’ll take a look at his life and career, along with his net worth.

Songs and Albums of Art Garfunkel

Did you know that Art Garfunkel has released 8 studio albums and 42 singles? In all, he’s released a whopping 34 tracks on the album ‘The Singer’. From timeless classics like ‘Scarborough Fair’ and ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’ to lesser-known gems such as ‘All I Know’ and ‘I Only Have Eyes For You’, Art Garfunkel’s musical talent is remarkable.

So if you’re a fan of Art Garfunkel—or just looking for some good music to add to your playlist—you’ll want to explore his discography. His studio albums include Angel Clare (1973), Breakaway (1975), Fate for Breakfast (1979), and many more. If you’d like just a taste of his work, his greatest hits compilation album, The Art Garfunkel Album, spans over two decades of music ranging from 1965-1985.

There is something for everyone in Garfunkel’s discography!

Musical Collaborations of Art Garfunkel

As you may know, Art Garfunkel is best known for his collaboration with Paul Simon, but Garfunkel had other partnerships throughout his musical career.

Garfunkel and Simon began collaborating as “Tom and Jerry” back in the mid-1950s and released an album called “Wednesday Morning, 3 A.M.” Their collaboration went sour when they struggled to produce hits on their 1983 album “Hearts and Bones”.

But Garfunkel wasn’t finished yet. He continued to collaborate with other singers, such as:

  • Maia Sharp
  • Buddy Mondlock
  • James Taylor
  • Amy Grant

Garfunkel also released 10 studio albums, three greatest hits compilations, two live albums, and 13 singles during his singing career. His most popular single was the 1980 song “Bright Eyes”, which reached number one on the UK Singles Chart.

Mainword Net Worth and Income Source Information

If you are enthusiastic about learning the entire net worth of your favored entertainer Art Garfunkel, this writing is for you. However, it will be a little strenuous for us to notify you of the accurate net value of Art Garfunkel; so far, we are submitting a closely estimated net worth. Art Garfunkel’s Net Worth in 2023 is $ 95 million (Approx).

Estimated Net Worth in 2023 $ 95 million (Approx)
Income Source Song

His Famous Films and Broadway Shows

You might not know that Art Garfunkel has a long résumé of starring roles in films and Broadway plays. He first started out appearing with Mike Nichols in the films Catch-22 and Carnal Knowledge, which then got him a part in the Broadway show The Simon & Garfunkel Story playing himself alongside two other actors.

More recently, he’s appeared as a principal role in the Broadway play Simon & Garfunkel Story. His acting chops aren’t limited to just musicals—he’s also had minor roles in many different kinds of movies and TV shows.

It’s hard to deny that he’s been successful on the stage:

  • In Catch-22, Art played Captain Nately, an American soldier stationed in Italy during World War II
  • In Carnal Knowledge, he was Mike Nichols’ artistically untalented friend Jonathan Fuerst
  • In The Simon & Garfunkel Story, he starred alongside two other actors to recreate some of his most iconic moments
  • He also had a wild run as a character named Gus Lacey in the Broadway version of Simon & Garfunkel Story

Art Garfunkel is certainly an experienced actor who shines both on stage and on screen.


Art Garfunkel has carved out a space in the music industry that is unrivaled. Despite the inevitability of aging, he still continues to inspire with his ever-impressive musical repertoire. His career has spanned over six decades, with great accomplishments that have made him a true Hollywood legend.

Art Garfunkel has won numerous awards, including five Grammy Awards, been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and written several best-selling books. But his biggest accomplishments have been his philanthropy and humanitarian work. Through multiple charities and foundations, Garfunkel has made a significant impact on the world.

Art Garfunkel’s contribution to music, philanthropy, and entertainment will never be forgotten. His unwavering dedication to making the world a better place shows that age is just a number and that one individual can make a difference.

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